Theoretical Master Class – Succeeding in Written Expression of the TEF


  • Write copies that work with 100 % topics.
  • Visualize all possible types of topics.
  • Get all your questions answered.
  • Find out if you are ready.

42 expressions écrites pour réussir le TEF

Those 42 drafting of sections A and B respond to very specific issues that you have probably encountered:

  • “I never have an imagination and waste time figuring out what to write. "
  • “I cannot adopt a journalistic or argumentative style. "
  • “I never have the vocabulary or expressions that suit the situation. "

All these problems have the same root... You haven't studied enough good copies to rely on. It's not your fault ! It is very difficult to find reliable content concerning the written expression of TEF on the Internet. This is exactly the problems that this set of essays solves.

This exposes you to enough copies to easily find inspiration on the day of the exam. You know the structure to use in your section A and B. Finally, you will learn a very precise and adapted lexicon to all possible cases of TEF.

Click on the photos on the left to read excerpts. 

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